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who we are

The First Black Woman-led Equestrian firm

MQ Equestrian is a division of Method Q, LLC. Its creation was inspired with the specific focus of embracing and impacting diversity in equestrian sport. In its current make up, the equestrian sport exists as a well gate-kept space, one in which minority populations were formerly excluded from. Even now, our riders only exist as a remarkably underrepresented group. Our ultimate aspiration for both our riders and ourselves is to attain our seat at the table. We seek to create spaces for those that come after us, so as to see themselves as trailblazers - that we so often have to be. 


nicole J. oshilaja
head of DEI Strategy + Strategic partnerships

Nicole Jordan-Oshilaja is a multifaceted visionary whose wealth of professional experiences span the entertainment, financial technology, and nonprofit sectors. Leading with a firm belief in being the change that we want to see, she is devoted to becoming a Talented Tenth and leading disruptor of her generation that progresses diversity forward in equestrian sport, while ultimately contributing to the creation and growth of infrastructure in the equestrian industry.

Nicole is a founding board member of the Nigeria Equestrian Federation and is an avid supporter of the Atlanta Saddle Club Association and the Association of Cowboys & Equestrians.