advocating for the underrepresented

what is diversity marketing?

Equestrian Diversity Marketing is the development & execution of marketing strategies that can lead to a brand's increased diversity presence.

MQ Equestrian is the first and only agency with a dedication to equestrian diversity. We are the market go-to for brands that truly want to help impact diversity, but don't know how or what to do.

our approach

#1 diversity marketing firm in the equestrian space

At MQ Equestrian, we don't focus on the traditional DEI methods. Instead, we use a more creative approach and the power of community connections to build genuine strategies that enhance your brand's diversity presence both internally and externally. We show our clients how to be authentically diverse and challenge them to take risks by making true investments in diversity.

leading the change

our process

The secret ingredient to our success is being led by a diverse team that possesses an authentic and altruistic interest in catalyzing change and empowering you to make high impact in the communities that need it most.

Initial assessment

We conduct research and collect data to assess current demographics and company DEI goals to determine internal and external diversity positioning.

Solutions & Strategy building

We brainstorm strategic solutions and provide recommendations that are tailored to your business' current state.

action plan

We develop an action plan that empowers you to reach your goals and improve your diversity positioning.


Our team takes the stress out of implementing the action plan and handles the entire project, start to finish. We do this by adding to your existing management team with two-way communication and collaboration to achieve desired outcomes.